Process is a guide. It reveals to you what is yours, and how you intend to share that with Others. Commit to process, but don’t stop there.



ENUGU, Nigeria



Studio Theory



CB2 (Fenway)

As a Nigerian essayist, self-portraitist, and self-taught, award-winning visual artist, Stephanie C. Nnamani prides herself on the strength of the intersections of her identities. In 2009, she began practising self-portraiture to familiarise herself with confidence in front and behind the camera and examine what she calls a “layered self”.

Her work has since grown to span documentary, portrait, and editorial photography, essay-writing, graphic design and more. She is the founder and creative director of STUDIO THEORY--a digital, ever-evolving conduit committed to creative expression rooted in an abandonment of a fixed definition of what comprises a "studio".

For Nnamani, embracing multiplicity emphasises the quality of creativity as intertextual, with one medium relying on the other to offer a deeper, immersive understanding. This is further supplemented by her purposeful, distinct use of colour—colours that intimately remind her of home.

Nnamani’s discipline draws from her journey as a first-generation immigrant to create work that examines competing concepts of absence, presence, and Otherness.